Our Portfolio

Green Hydrogen, at scale

GH2 develops and structures renewable energy assets and

electro-chemical facilities for the production, utilisation and valorisation of green hydrogen. 

GH2 portfolio includes 10s to 100s MW renewable and decarbonised projects

in Europe, North Africa and Latin America.

Through a scalable and progressive approach, GH2 aims to be developing

more than 1GW of projects by 2025 over the three continents.

Flagship project

One of GH2 most advanced project is located in the industrial area of Bordeaux seaport in France. This 250 million euro project consists in:

  • a 100MWe alkaline electrolyser producing up to 14,000 tonnes per annum of Green Hydrogen,
  • two new local dedicated photovolta├»c power plants,
  • an electro-chemical plant converting the hydrogen for use within the local industrial landscape and for export.

This flagship project will enable the avoidance of up to 4 million tonnes of CO2eq. emission over its lifetime.


GHA Project has been in development since 2018, and the focus of many on-going discussions between European renewable project developers, engineering companies, technology providers, industrials and landowners. It is gathering today five European counterparties, each of them internationally esteemed players in their field of expertise.

With a view to leveraging on all financial mechanisms and schemes, GHA Project is targeting funding from the European Union, as well as national hydrogen dedicated schemes.

Other projects

Building on its experience with its first project, GH2 has initiated the development of further green hydrogen projects in France, Tunisia, Chile and its portfolio is growing.

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